The latest news about me and my plays is right here. Scroll down for a straight list of my plays, summaries, and the JILLIONS of awards (fine, readings) they’ve been honored with. You can find excerpts at the New Play Exchange.

My play LOVE is on the Kilroys List and is heading to Ojai in August! Wohoo!

In April I was offered commissions by two fantastic theaters, Playwrights Horizons and South Coast Rep! And I accepted, of course.

Love is having its world premiere at the Marin Theatre Company in February/March, 2020. Mike Donahue, the director dreams are made of, shall direct.

In May, high school students from the tri-state area put on Citizens United, a 30 minute comedy I wrote about the Supreme Court case, as part of Keen Teens 2019 Festival of New Work. Teenage girls played all nine justices. They rapped. I’m in love with every last one of them. (Update: they wrote me the greatest thank you note in history, and many of them emphasized how much they learned about theater AND our government. They really got me, these kids. They really did.)

Brenda Withers, Emily Zemba and I are forming the next generation of The Pool! The Pool is a pop-up theater company where three playwrights produce each other’s plays in rep. It was founded by the great Susan Bernfield, Peter Gil-Sheridan, and Lynn Rosen, who bestowed upon us this exciting model. So we’re diving in! In 2020, The Pool is producing one of my personal batshit crazy faves, Is Edward Snowden Single?

A Patron of the Arts was translated into Italian and is having a production in Rome! Italian title = Il Mecenate. I love it. If you’re in the neighborhood (of Rome), come through!

Love is at The WP Theater/Colt Coeur Parity Fest! Directed by Jenna Worsham, starring Tommy Sadoski and Anna Camp. Tickets are going fast. Come through!

Is Edward Snowden Single? was the inaugural play of the Dorset Theatre Festival Summer Pipeline Series! It was a wonderful week in beautiful Vermont getting down with Pirronne Yousefzadeh with this nutty piece. I thought I was crazy when I started working on it. It means a lot that others are responding to it. 

One More Less is a finalist for the 2017 Relentless Award, the $45,000 prize founded in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman! And WHAT a list to be on. Bring it, 2018. The playwrights are waiting for you with teeth bared.

Cherry Lane Mentor Project Announcement! Thanks to all who came! This production meant the world to me. Mike Donahue is an extraordinary director. Anne Washburn’s a genius, but we’ve know that for a while.

Charming and brilliant playwright/theater blogger Adam Szymkowicz interviews me here.



Five former employees. One great love.

Thorny, uncomfortable, funny and surprising (and... sexy?) LOVE asks what accountability looks like when an abuser of power is one of our favorite men of all time and dares us to get to the other side of accountability and hashtags together. 

-Marin Theatre Company, 2019-2020 season

-Ojai Playwrights Conference, 2019

-Kilroys List, 2019

-South Coast Rep New SCRipts Series, 2019

-Jackalope Theatre’s Circle UP!, 2019

-Parity Play Fest, WP Theater and Colt Coeur, directed by Jenna Worsham, February 2019

-New Dramatists 29 hour workshop/staged reading, supported by the Jerry A. Tishman Creativity Fund, directed by Mike Donahue, October 2018


A hot mess of a millennial convinces herself that Edward Snowden is madly in love with her. No but you guys not just cuz im hot it's actually about how i am literally the MOST brave.

Two actresses play all twenty plus roles in this whirlwind tour through one shallow person's reluctantly deepening soul.

Dorset Theatre Festival, 2018 Pipeline Series, directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Workshop and public reading, New Dramatists, January 2018, directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Workshop, Colt Coeur Play Hotel, May 2017

Great Kills

A high school achiever’s college application reveals a family secret and sends her Staten Island family into a tailspin. Is this ambitious young woman traumatized by violence, as her essay claims, or by a culture of achievement that has trained her to market herself at any cost? 

Upcoming production, 2019-2020, Red Dog Squadron Theatre, LA, details TBD.

Princess Grace Award-winning Play

Premiere Stages New Play Festival, 2015 directed by Kel Haney

terraNOVA Collective’s GROUNDWORKS: New Play Series directed by Kimberly Faith Hickman


One more less

Mother is mean. Little Brother is shy. Big Sister is cocky. And the guy in the police uniform doesn't know what the hell he's doing in this play. ONE MORE LESS uses everything from Super Soakers to Ferris Bueller to delve deep into our American psyche formed and deformed by police brutality.

2017 Relentless Award finalist

2017 O'Neill Playwrights Conference Finalist

Playwrights Horizons, Superlab, 2017, directed by Robert O'Hara

Winning submission for the 2016 NYFA Playwriting/Screenwriting Fellowship


A Patron of the Arts

When a high school drug dealer does a drop off at a new address, he is unexpectedly reunited with the father of his childhood best friend. The recently laid off father is holed up to re-start the arts career of his youth; this young entrepreneur wants to help. So they come to an unusual mercantile arrangement. 

Cherry Lane Theatre Mentor Project 2018, directed by Mike Donahue, mentored by Anne Washburn (!)

Kairos Theatre's In Scena! Festival, Rome, 2019

South Coast Rep's New SCRipts Series, October 2016

Colt Coeur's 2016 Parity Fest at HERE Arts Center, NYC

Finalist in the 2015 Trustus New Play Festival